group of men working in a kitchen at The DistrictWe Conquer Addiction Together

The District Recovery Community is a group of individuals who have come together as a distinct unit to conquer a common characteristic: addiction. We strive to work together as a community to instill experience, strength, and hope within one another so that we may move forward positively in our lives, learning to adapt to a life of sobriety—one day at a time.

The spirit of fellowship and the bonds formed within this community of peers provides strength, focus, and support. The positive energy is harnessed in constructive ways so that every resident feels empowered and empowers others along their journey of recovery. Our addiction treatment programs and men’s and women’s sober living programs provide the comprehensive addiction support you need to make a lasting from your addiction. Upon your admission into an inpatient rehab center, the addiction treatment staff will conduct a mental health assessment to determine the underlying mental health disorders fueling your addiction to compile a mental health assessment that works best for you. Through addiction therapy, you will learn more about yourself, and the addictive behaviors that led to your addiction. You will develop healthy routines and valuable coping skills to avoid relapse in times of trauma. Addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy programs that provide the support for lasting drug addiction recovery include:

A Story Just Like Yours

Recovery Can Change a Life. We Know. It Changed Our Lives.

The District was founded by two young men who were once shackled by the seemingly hopeless chains of addiction. These men developed a passion for helping young men break the chains of addiction – Step by step, day by day, one day at a time.


Jack Petti

Jack Petti comes from a unique background, having struggled with addiction from the very early age of 12 years old. Addiction grabbed hold of Jack early on as he discovered that drugs and alcohol provided an escape for him, enabling him to numb negative feelings or emotions. With a tough upbringing in a family of ten siblings and a lack of family stability, Jack grew up getting into quite a bit of trouble as his addiction rapidly progressed.

Jack struggled with substance abuse while cycling in and out of boarding schools, wilderness programs and treatment centers for seven years before reaching bottom. At the age of 19, after years of living in self will, demonstrating extremely destructive behavior and shutting out everyone from his life, Jack came to the realization that he could no longer continue living the way he had been. He entered himself in a long-term treatment program in California with hopes of developing a better manner of living. Jack spent more than a year going through all levels of treatment programming and established a solid foundation for recovery.

He has used his story to help individuals struggling with the same problems he once struggled with. Jack now works in recovery, taking advantage of this platform to share his story, experience, strength and hope with young adults fighting to break free of the same seemingly hopeless state of despair he once knew all too well.


Reese Morgan
Executive Director

Reese Morgan is our Executive Director, however our relationship with Reese didn’t start as such. Reese began his journey with us as a House Manager four years ago, and that’s when he developed his passion for working with others. That very same passion for helping others and watching our clients lives materialize is what motivates Reese on a daily basis to help to ensure The District Recovery Community remains a safe, structured, and culturally sound environment for our clients. Serving as Executive Director, Reese provides oversight of all the day to day operations of The District, lending support to each department whenever necessary.

robert leigh

Robert Leigh
Chief Marketing Officer

Robert has channeled his personal journey of recovery into a passion for working with families, clients, and fellow professionals alike to create solutions for individualized and long-lasting, sustainable recovery. Robert began struggling with substance abuse at a young age and cycled in and out of treatment centers and institutions before finally receiving the help that he needed. His motivation and drive comes from the opportunity to help others exit the destructive cycle that he spent so many years stuck in personally. Robert oversees and screens all inquiries for potential admissions to Renaissance Recovery and The District, coordinates smooth and safe transitions for clients admitting into our care, and facilitates outbound referrals to trusted professionals or facilities when appropriate.


Kevin Cataldi
Admissions and Clinical Outreach 

After battling with addiction for over a decade, Kevin finally reached a point of surrender and accepted help. His journey, both professionally and personally have put him in a unique position to help both clients and families navigate the stressful and sometimes difficult process of beginning their recovery journeys.

In addition to working with clients on a one on one basis, Kevin develops and maintains relationships with other clinical programs and professionals throughout the country.

Travis Haber

New Jersey native, Travis, moved to California, leaving behind family and a collegiate baseball career, to take his first step towards a life of sobriety and giving back. As a client of The District, he learned to keep an open mind, and live honestly. Becoming a house manager after a successful completion of the program gave Travis a great opportunity to give back and pass on what he learned. Working with other men within the community gave him incite into power of connecting with individuals that share his experience with Alcoholism. . Now in admissions, Travis strives to use compassion and empathy, while helping others enter treatment to get the best chance at recovery.

Keith Gerlack

Keith Gerlack is a Clinical Outreach and Admissions Specialist for Renaissance Recovery. He has worked in the Behavioral and Mental Health field since 2012 in various roles, including Business Development, Admissions, and Referral Relations. In May 2006, he graduated from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA, where he was born and raised, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Corporate Communications. In his time in the Addiction Treatment Industry, Keith feels very fortunate to have worked so closely with so many well reputable programs and professionals. Through his own experience with addiction, and his ongoing recovery, Keith understands the impact active addiction has on not only the individual struggling, but also their families, and can assist you in finding the appropriate level of care for your loved one. In his spare time he enjoys golfing, being with family, and is an avid mountain biker who currently resides in the Orange County area.

colby holding golden retriever

Kolby Seger
Community Director

As community director, Kolby is responsible for day to day operations at The District Recovery Community and serves as a liaison between the clinical team and District house management. A District alumni, Kolby brings a first hand understanding of the unique challenges presented to men in their journey through early sobriety, paired with a deep desire to pass on the gifts that he received from our program. He is pictured with his son and assistant to the community director Buddy, a district alumni and AKC therapy dog. Buddy can be found close to anywhere treats are found, bringing a message of unconditional love to our residents.

Grant Stevens
Community Leader

Grant has been with the district for seven months now and an employee for two! In his off time he enjoys working out, playing volleyball at the beach and exploring all the great scenery California has to offer. He has a passion for helping others.  Nothing is more gratifying than watching the lives of those around him change for the better!

Grants role at TDRC is a valuable one. He is a leader within our community, living and serving as a tremendous example as a young man in recovery.

Grants spends time with our clients helping them get healthy; physically spiritually, and emotionally.

Jamie Courtney

Jamie grew up in Alaska and moved to Orange County in 2015. She’s a licensed RADT-1 worker in the state of California, and has three years of experience working in the field of recovery. Her personal struggle with addiction, as well as her experiences living and working in sober environments, have motivated her to seek opportunities for growth within the sober community.

Bethany Feltus
Physical and Nutritional Instructor

Bethany aims to help better our clients psychical condition through coaching and mentoring. Bethany is a former military personnel. Bethany served in the Army for four years and is a professional gymnast. Bethany uses her talents and strengths to toughen the minds of our clients, challenges them by putting them under healthy amounts of resistance, and helps them grow and accomplish their goals. All her sessions are conducted on a Gender-Specific basis.

Cory Johnson
House Manager

Cory ventured to Southern California from a small rural town in Oklahoma seeking a life full of serenity and peace, which he had not known throughout his 13 years of being alcohol dependent. Cory knew that this was a simple process but not necessarily easy, so he immediately put his hard work ethics into bettering his life. Once he had completed his treatment goals, he knew that he wanted to help likeminded people so that they could better their lives as well. He now has his RADT and is currently finishing up his internship so that he can be a case manager, furthering his career in the recovery field. Through helping people, he finds peace and comfort in his life today; he also knows that it isn’t easy to stay sober but wants to prove to other clients that as long as there’s a little willingness then anything is possible, all you have to do is put in a little work.

Devin McDonough
House Manager

Devin has been a house manager in the Substance Abuse field for over a year. As someone who’s first encounter with Renaissance Recovery was as a client, lost and afraid of changing his life’s story, he trusted the process, worked hard, and gained a new mindset. Devin brings valuable qualities to the Renaissance Recovery team and is able to share his experiences with his clients, resulting in a rare connection with each one on an individual level.

Trever Knapp

Trever began his journey with Renaissance Recovery as an eager client, ready to turn his life around. After over 5 years of his own battle with substance abuse, Trever worked hard, sacrificed old ways of life, and proved to be a responsible and respectable candidate for House Management. Trever spends his time caring for clients and ensuring they understand that a life in recovery can be a promising one, and showing them how to have a lot of fun along the way.

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