man smiling in california park after treating the Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Recognizing the signs of alcohol addiction, whether in yourself or a loved one, could help you to kick start recovery before alcohol use disorder becomes more severe, and consequently more complicated to treat. With the help of sober living homes and communities like The District Recovery, people Alcohol use disorder is the clinical descriptor for…

people on a date after learning about dating someone in recovery

Dating Someone in Recovery

Dating someone in recovery is complicated and nuanced. As a general guideline, most addiction experts recommend that newly sober addicts and alcoholics refrain from dating during the first year of recovery. The early phases of sobriety are challenging and require full focus. This applies both for those undergoing inpatient or outpatient treatment and for those…

an image of a poppy plan, how opiate drugs are developed

Guide to Opiates: Addiction, Withdrawal, and Treatment

Opiates are one of the most addictive substances available, and oftentimes, people fall into this form of addiction due to a legal prescription. That said, there are treatment options for people dealing with addiction, such as addiction rehab options as well as sober living homes. Before we jump into the effects and treatment options of…

man helping another up a mountain, a metaphor for how Suboxone can help during recovery

Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone) for MAT

Suboxone is a combination medication that contains both buprenorphine and naloxone in one tablet. What is buprenorphine, then? Buprenorphine is proven effective in treating heroin addiction. The medication works by triggering your brain’s opioid receptors, but without delivering the euphoria or the potentially dangerous side effects of opioids. In this way, buprenorphine can both reduce…

an image of a group outing from a men's sober living program

Men’s Sober Living

If you or a loved one is looking into treatment options for a substance abuse problem, looking into the benefits of gender-specific treatment, like men’s sober living programs can help you make an informed decision. When considering options for sober living housing, the choice between co-ed or gender-specific sober living is a common consideration. The…

man with backwards hat at the beach who knows the Importance of Full Continuum of addiction Care

Importance of Full Continuum of Addiction Care

If you’re looking for sober living options for your loved one, then you might have come across the importance of a full continuum of addiction care. Continuum of Care Definition By definition, the continuum of care describes the process of maintaining the continuity of healthcare given to a person for an extended period. For patients…

girl talking on phone and drinking tea learning how to support a friend in a sober living home

How To Support a Sober Partner or Loved One

If your loved one has gone through an addiction treatment program and is perhaps in a sober living home, you may want to know how to support a sober loved one and how you will be able to contact them when they are in a sober living home. While sober living homes in Orange County…

an image of a person dealing with long term effects of heroin

Long-Term Effects of Heroin

The long-term effects of heroin are not only damaging but often deadly. In one long-term UCLA study, half of the participants addicted to heroin died during the 33-year study. Those death rates were up to 100 times higher than in those without heroin use disorder. Habitually using heroin brings about changes to both the physical…

an image of person being helped up a mountain, signifying overcoming a rock bottom addiction

Rock Bottom Addiction and Getting Help

Rock bottom addiction myths suggest someone abusing alcohol or drugs must reach the point of no return before committing to recovery. Not only is this concept flawed, but it’s also potentially dangerous. So, if you have been putting off getting the treatment you need because things don’t seem that bad, today’s guide should help you…

rebuild relationship after recovery

How to Rebuild Relationships After Rehab

Addiction to drink or drugs doesn’t just affect the life of the person using the substance, but it also impacts the lives of everyone around them. In this sense, addiction is a family disease. The question is, how to rebuild relationships after rehab? From families torn asunder by crack addiction and best friends estranged because…