man smiling in the city after asking What Is Alcohol Detox

What Is Alcohol Detox?

Well, detoxing from alcohol involves purging your body of the substance. Unfortunately, the alcohol detox procedure can involve disturbing withdrawal symptoms, depending on the level of dependence involved. Alcohol withdrawal is believed to arise due to changes in brain activity triggered by prolonged and abusive alcohol consumption. Sustained alcohol abuse disrupts the balance of inhibitory…

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What Are Designer Drugs?

What are designer drugs, exactly? Well, these substances have been chemically altered in illegal labs to imitate the effects of other illicit drugs, but sometimes with new and even more powerful effects. Designer drugs impact both the body and mind, and they are entirely unregulated. Luckily, there are addiction treatment programs like The District Recovery‘s…

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Heroin Effects on the Body

It should come as no surprise that the heroin effects on the body can be severe and wide-ranging, especially once addiction sets in. Addiction to heroin, formally known as opioid use disorder, is characterized by an array of distressing and unpleasant symptoms, both physical and psychological. For the purposes of today’s brief guide, we’ll focus…

an image of people holding hands trying to understand nature vs nurture of alcoholism

Understanding Nature vs. Nurture of Alcoholism

For decades, scientists have studied the link between genetics and addiction to work and determine a better understanding of the nature vs. nurture of alcoholism and addiction in general. They were searching for a simple answer to one question: Is addiction genetic or not? This is often referred to as the “nurture vs nature” addiction…

heroin and fentanyl vials showing the dangers of fentanyl

Guide to Fentanyl: What is it?

Fentanyl was the substance responsible for the third wave of the opioid epidemic. Since 2013, a sharp uptick in deaths involving synthetic opioids – illicitly manufactured fentanyl in particular – means the damage wreaked by opioid abuse continues nationwide. While there are treatment programs like Huntington Beach rehabs and sober living homes to help those…