An image of a veteran in PTSD group therapy | Veterans and PTSD

Veterans and PTSD

Veterans and PTSD are closely interlinked, with 18% of combat veterans affected by post-traumatic stress disorder. Experiencing trauma is more commonplace than you might imagine. NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Health) reports that 50% of men and 60% of women witness at least one traumatic event at some point in life.  From veterans returning…


Alcohol and Anxiety

Alcohol and anxiety are closely intertwined and there are no positive outcomes from using alcohol to address the symptoms of anxiety.  Additionally, alcohol abuse can sometimes trigger anxiety, another adverse consequence of alcohol anxiety.  Developing alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder in isolation is challenging, but when these two serious mental health conditions co-occur…


Sober Living For Men

If you’re looking for help for addiction, sober living homes for men provide a safe environment for males at various stages of the recovery journey.  Addiction is a growing concern in the United States, as evidenced by data from NSDUH 2020, SAMHSA’s most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Diagnoses of alcohol use…

an image of a brain representing psychological dependence

What Is Psychological Dependence?

Psychological dependence, sometimes referred to as psychological dependency or psychological addiction, is an artificial construct used to describe a facet of addiction.  The dualistic view of mind and body as separate entities is an unrealistic way of assessing most behaviors. All emotional processes and psychological processes have at least some physiological basis. Similarly, all behaviors…