Does Insurance Cover Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

According to data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 14.5 million Americans are suffering from substance use disorder, only a slim percentage of these people actually receive treatment for their disorder. Even fewer engage with alcohol addiction treatment in a specialized rehab center. Why is this?

Are Drug and Alcohol Counselors Effective for Treatment?Well, the cost of alcohol addiction treatment, just like drug addiction treatment, is often the primary barrier to recovery. Many people grappling with alcohol abuse are either struggling financially or unemployed. Even for those with steady incomes, the cost of rehab can seem both prohibitive and tough to justify plundering from the family budget. We have good news for you on both counts there. Not only can the cost of addiction treatment normally be covered – at least partially – by health insurance, but the cost of not pursuing treatment can easily outweigh the money spent on reclaiming your life. Firstly, a look at what type of addiction treatment insurance typically covers.


How Insurance Covers Alcohol Addiction

As a general rule, health insurance will partially or fully meet the costs of alcohol rehab, depending on the insurance plan and the treatment program selected. Many variables influence insurance coverage for addiction treatment, but you can expect at least partial coverage. If you’re unable to meet all costs through insurance, you could consider a personal loan or private pay to plug the gap in coverage.


ACA (Affordable Care Act)

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), informally known as Obamacare, implemented a slew of reforms intended to make health insurance more accessible and more affordable for more people. The underpinning aim of the Affordable Care Act is to enhance the standard of healthcare for everyone in the United States. According to the ACA, substance use disorders are classified as one of ten essential health benefits. Effective 2014, all health insurance available on Health Insurance Exchanges or delivered via Medicaid to some eligible adults must include provision for the treatment of substance use disorders.

woman resting her chin on her hands going through the stages of alcoholismThe object of incorporating these benefits into standard health insurance packages means more providers can offer these services, confident they will be reimbursed.


Medicare for Alcoholism

Medicare Part A and Part B both include addiction treatment coverage and this extends to alcohol rehab.

While Part A of Medicare can help defray the costs of inpatient treatment for addiction, Part B can help pay for treatment when outpatient services or partial hospitalization programs make the most appropriate delivery method for treatment.

Beyond this, Medicare Part D offers coverage for the medications required during alcohol addiction treatment, like naltrexone. This coverage only applies if the medications are deemed vital for the policyholder.


Medicaid for Alcoholism and the Affordable Care Act

When the Affordable Care Act came into effect, the US government enacted a simultaneous requirement for certain medical insurance plans to incorporate substance abuse treatment and alcohol abuse treatment as part of all plans.

Resultantly, Medicaid programs operated under the Affordable Care Act must offer coverage for alcohol rehab.

You could qualify for Medicaid if you have disabilities or a low income. 

How Much Does it Cost NOT to Treat Alcohol Addiction

Making an investment can seem daunting, but you should keep in mind that paying for addiction treatment is an investment rather than an expense. You’ll be investing in yourself, your health, your family’s welfare, and your future.

Beyond the obvious benefits in just about all areas of your life, you should also factor in the cost of perpetuating an addiction to alcohol. Drinking daily will run you several thousand dollars every year whichever way you look at it. Is drinking for the next decade worth $30,000 as well as a laundry list of negative outcomes?

Managing stress means getting your central nervous system to relax and create a positive frame of mindThe cost of a drug addiction can run much higher than this, depending on the substance and the quantity being consumed.

Alcohol abuse typically brings about problems in the workplace when symptoms become more severe. Not only is advancement within any career impeded, but job loss often comes about as the disease progresses.

Evidently, financial costs are only one element of the cost of alcohol addiction. Drinking to excess triggers manifold health consequences, as well as inflaming mental health conditions. It’s safe to say that nobody is fitter, stronger, or healthier through consuming alcohol. It’s not possible to put an exact number on the cost of addiction, since no two addictions are the same. The overall cost, though, is devastating in most areas of your life, so how can you get things started if you need alcohol addiction treatment through insurance?

Once coverage levels are verified through the individual’s insurance company or policy, there are some simple steps to follow to use insurance coverage for alcohol rehab:

  • Speak with a healthcare provider to determine your treatment needs. The treatment provided through insurance for addiction must be deemed medically necessary. A doctor can perform this assessment. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket. They will determine the nature and scope of abuse or addiction, as well as recommending treatment.
  • Choose the right alcohol addiction treatment program for you, and check that insurance will cover the costs of the program.
  • Work closely with the treatment center to establish insurance coverage.
  • Check into the program and kickstart your recovery!

Alcohol Addiction Treatment through Insurance at The District Recovery Community

If you have a drinking problem, consider taking action before it snowballs into alcohol addiction.

The most important thing is not to allow perceived financial constraints to interfere with your recovery. Here at The District Recovery Community, we provide a variety of personalized alcohol addiction treatment programs, and we’re more than happy to accept insurance.

The District Recovery Community is a treatment center that specializes in treating alcohol use disordersThrough the right combination of medication-assisted treatment and psychotherapy, we’ll help you build a strong foundation for lifelong recovery. Get things started by calling 844.287.8506.

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