young woman wearing sunglasses in a field worried about the connection between depression and addiction

Understanding the Link Between Depression and Addiction

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, anger, and loss that disrupt everyday activities. According to CDC data, roughly 8% of adult Americans suffer from a major depressive incident during any given fortnight. People tend to have very different experiences of depression, but regardless of the specifics, constants include problems at work,…

a group of women getting help for their friend who is an alcoholic woman

Women and Alcohol: Getting Help for an Alcoholic Woman

The relationship between women and alcohol is continuously evolving. While women once exhibited lower rates of alcoholism than men, research shows this pattern is changing. Studies show that both alcohol use and misuse among women are increasing. Now, while the heavy use of alcohol by anyone is concerning, there are gender-specific treatment programs and women’s…

A man stares out the window and contemplates CBT vs DBT


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are very similar forms of talk therapy or psychotherapy. Both CBT and DBT help you to communicate more effectively, while at the same learning more about yourself and the condition you’re addressing with psychotherapy. Each of these therapies is evidence-based. This means there is hard data…

man holding his temples struggling with the connection between anxiety and addiction

The Connection Between Anxiety and Addiction

With an estimated 40 million Americans suffering from an anxiety disorder and over 20 million diagnosed with substance use disorder, both anxiety and addiction are widespread. The conditions are also inextricably linked. ADDA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) data shows that 20% of Americans with an anxiety disorder or mood disorder also have a…

man talking in group therapy

A Definitive Guide to Group Therapy

If you’re struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may find the idea of opening up emotionally to a therapist or counselor tough at first, even in individual therapy sessions. How about group therapy, though? Maybe the idea of sharing deeply personal experiences in front of strangers gives you cause for concern. Perhaps you’re…


Why is Southern California PHP Treatment Beneficial?

Why is Southern California PHP Treatment Beneficial? If you’ve become more reliant on alcohol or drugs to the extent it’s interfering with your life, you might be overwhelmed by the volume of treatment options at your disposal in Southern California. Broadly, speaking, addiction treatment falls into one of the following two categories: Inpatient rehab Outpatient…


What Are The Benefits of Women’s Drug Rehab?

What Are The Benefits of Women’s Drug Rehab? Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Alcohol abuse disorder and substance use disorder affect millions of men and women in the United States every year. That said, there are pronounced differences in the way men and women experience addiction. Men and women develop substance use disorders differently and at different…


What are the Benefits of Men’s Alcohol Rehab?

What are the Benefits of Men’s Alcohol Rehab? Gender-specific issues surrounding substance abuse mean that gender-specific treatment programs are suitable for many people grappling with addiction. Men and women abuse different drugs, and they also use substances for different reasons. Resultantly, the sexes often enter treatment programs at different stages of addiction. In general, women…