man gesturing while asking therapist about Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment

When you’re suffering from addiction, deciding between inpatient vs. outpatient treatment can be challenging. Both methods have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to providing you with the recovery solution that you need. If you’re battling an addiction and need treatment, contact The District Recovery today at 844.287.8506. Considering Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment Inpatient…

young woman staring out the window wondering What Is Drug Detox

What Is Drug Detox?

When an individual is struggling with substance use problems, in many cases, the first step is drug detox. During this process, all of the toxic and addictive chemicals in a patient’s body are allowed to leave, and the patient’s withdrawal symptoms are managed. Successful long-term recovery depends upon ensuring that the drugs to which an…

woman resting her chin on her hands going through the stages of alcoholism

Stages of Alcoholism

Alcoholism doesn’t happen overnight. Your body goes through different stages of alcoholism based on how long you’ve been drinking, how your body becomes dependent on the substance, and the severity of your addiction. You don’t necessarily need to go through each stage to be considered alcoholic, and it’s essential to know the progression. If you’re…

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Do I Need Outpatient Treatment?

Anyone who struggles with addiction symptoms can benefit from outpatient treatment. This level of addiction treatment provides the next step in care after residential or intensive outpatient treatment. Also, for those with mild substance abuse issues, it’s a perfect way to begin. The treatment programs in Orange County, California are designed to provide you with…

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6 Tips for Relapse Prevention

Addiction can ruin your life, and recovering isn’t easy. On average, addiction relapse rates range between 40% and 60%. However, you’re likelier to relapse if you don’t follow treatment guidelines or utilize continued care, like sober living programs. One slip-up can restart the addiction cycle without proper support and coping skills. Staying sober and avoiding…

man consulting doctor on Participating in Treatment During Sober Living

Participating in Treatment During Sober Living

Why Participating in Treatment During Sober Living is Critical for Recovery Are you in the process of recovery from substance abuse or addiction? The transition can prove to be difficult outside a sober living facility, which helps to avoid relapse. After completing an inpatient rehab program, continue participating in treatment during sober living programs for…

men on a couch discussing What to Expect From Sober Living

What to Expect From Sober Living

Often, many people recovering from addiction wonder what to expect from sober living as they leave rehab. A sober living facility, also known as a sober home, is an essential facility for longer-lasting addiction recovery, which is an ongoing process with numerous challenges. The facility provides a safe and sober environment for a successful transition…

doctor excited for man to go to Outpatient Treatment and Sober Living

Outpatient Treatment and Sober Living

According to The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), an estimated 19.7 million Americans aged 12 years and above struggle with substance use disorders every year. These numbers are alarming, and every member of society should play a part to ensure the trend stops. As such, people who are struggling with addiction should…