man smiling in california park after treating the Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Recognizing the signs of alcohol addiction, whether in yourself or a loved one, could help you to kick start recovery before alcohol use disorder becomes more severe, and consequently more complicated to treat. With the help of sober living homes and communities like The District Recovery, people Alcohol use disorder is the clinical descriptor for…

man sitting at the beach worried about the warning signs of relapse

What to Do for the Warning Signs of Relapse

The development of science-based techniques helps people quit substance abuse and prevent relapse. Recovery is a long-term goal, so you should be aware of the warning signs of relapse after you complete a residential treatment program in CA. Many people return to substance abuse without the appropriate support and counseling, so it’s critical to recognize…

an image of people holding hands trying to understand nature vs nurture of alcoholism

Understanding Nature vs. Nurture of Alcoholism

For decades, scientists have studied the link between genetics and addiction to work and determine a better understanding of the nature vs. nurture of alcoholism and addiction in general. They were searching for a simple answer to one question:  Is addiction genetic or not? This is often referred to as the “nurture vs nature” addiction…

man helping another up a mountain, a metaphor for how Suboxone can help during recovery

Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone) for MAT

Suboxone is a combination medication that contains both buprenorphine and naloxone in one tablet.  What is buprenorphine, then? Buprenorphine is proven effective in treating heroin addiction. The medication works by triggering your brain’s opioid receptors, but without delivering the euphoria or the potentially dangerous side effects of opioids. In this way, buprenorphine can both reduce…

an image of a person dealing with long term effects of heroin

Long-Term Effects of Heroin

The long-term effects of heroin are not only damaging but often deadly.  In one long-term UCLA study, half of the participants addicted to heroin died during the 33-year study. Those death rates were up to 100 times higher than in those without heroin use disorder.  Habitually using heroin brings about changes to both the physical…

benefits of addiction recovery group therapy

Benefits of Addiction Recovery Group Therapy

If you’ve decided to become substance-free, that’s an important step to take. The next significant step on the recovery journey is committing to strive for a healthy new life. This is especially challenging and you will need to utilize all of the resources available to you. Part of your treatment may include group therapy, individual…


What Does Medication-Assisted Treatment Involve?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a term used to describe the delivery of treatment for alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder using specific and FDA-approved medication. Medication is often used during the detox phase of recovery, but MAT is effective at all levels of care, including outpatient treatment. It’s a common misconception that medication-assisted treatment…

clinician passing dose of methadone to patient at clinic

Five Things You Need to Know About Methadone and Methadone Clinics

The research and statistics are irrefutable: methadone treatment is successful at improving almost every quality of life measurement for patients and creates safer, healthier conditions for families and communities. It is one of the many treatment options for those suffering from addiction. Methadone remains controversial though, with no shortage of myths, misinformation, and outright lies…