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What To Do When You Suspect a Loved One Has an Addiction

Helping a loved one with an addiction problem isn’t easy, nor is the decision to confront them. Although each situation is unique, there are some general guidelines that will help you approach this task. Whether their issue is drugs or alcohol, addiction treatment is a difficult process for both the addict and his or her…

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Five Books To Get You Or a Loved One Through Recovery

Not everyone likes to read – we understand that. However, there are some great books about recovery that should compel you to want to take it up again. After all, if you’re sitting in rehab or undergoing substance abuse treatment, you’ve probably got some free time and you could sure use some encouragement, right? For…

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Tips For Visiting a Loved One In Sober Living

When a loved one is recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, chances are pretty good that they’ll end up in a sober living facility at some point. In Southern California for example, one finding a sober living facility in Orange County is easy. What draws recovery patients to Orange County sober living facilities is the…

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What We Mean When We Talk About Sobriety

How To Truly Define Sobriety “Sobriety” is a word whose 12-step misuse now pervades our entire culture, along with ruining addiction treatment. To truly define sobriety means putting conventional definitions in their place and taking a fresh (and often controversial) approach. Sobriety actually means, first and foremost, not being intoxicated. It does NOT mean abstinence,…

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Six Alcohol Related Diseases You Need to Know About

Alcohol related disease is a very real threat for those who abuse alcohol.While the debate continues to rage over how much alcohol consumption is good vs. how much is bad, few topics have been studied more thoroughly or for a longer period of time. So what’s the difference between substance abuse and addiction? We all…

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How to Find The Right Drug Rehab Counselor For You

Knowing how to find a drug rehab counselor isn’t something that is public knowledge. To this day, addiction is a disease that has been stigmatized, largely by people who simply haven’t researched its causes and effects. In fact, for decades, drug addiction has been viewed as more as a criminal act than a disease. Because…

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Is Marijuana Addiction Real?

Is marijuana addiction a possibility? Studies point to some interesting findings. Back in early 2018, National Institute on Drug Abuse released findings that suggest 30 percent of those who use marijuana may have some degree of “marijuana use disorder.” The study also suggested that who use marijuana before age 18 are four to seven times more likely…

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Signs and Symptoms of Narcotic Addiction

Recognizing an Addiction Problem Identifying the signs of narcotic addiction isn’t difficult provided you know what to look for. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what those signs look like because they’ve never been around people suffering from addiction. First, you must know what addiction is as there are differences between substance use and substance…

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The Long-term Effects of Hallucinogens

Hallucinogens distort one’s perception of reality by changing the way the brain’s prefrontal cortex processes information. This critical area of the brain control conscious thought, perception and cognition. Even short term abuse of hallucinogens may result in temporary psychosis. The long term effects of hallucinogens include a host of unpleasant possibilities. These include persistent psychosis…