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The Benefits of Sober Living Homes During Early Recovery Stages

Getting sober often requires medical detox and addiction treatment programs, but remaining sober is a lifelong journey. Fortunately, the benefits of sober living homes enable those recovering from addiction and substance abuse to maintain sobriety and transition successfully into the outside world. Recovery is vital as the effects of substance abuse cost the U.S. $740…

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Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Several signs of alcohol addiction can help you to detect if someone is suffering from alcoholism. Many of these signs of abuse are easily recognizable, but others are difficult to identify. In the U.S., about 65 million adults are struggling with alcohol use disorder, but only 8% of this group receive addiction treatment. It is…

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What Are Sober Living Homes? All You Need to Know About Sober Living

If you’re looking for a facility to transition you from rehab into the real world, you may ask – what are sober living homes? Primarily, these sober living homes ease those recovering from substance abuse into normal life. Sober living facilities are useful as they offer a stable and drug-free environment, which ensures long-term recovery.…

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Addiction and Your Physical Health

The COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) has gone from a Chinese epidemic to a global one. Confirmed cases are in each of the United States with numbers that are flying upward. Many states are trying to take a proactive approach to quarantine the virus and do things ranging from closing non-essential businesses where people typically congregate, such…

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Stages of Addiction

Addiction can develop in stages as drug or alcohol use becomes more problematic and dysfunctional. The stages of addiction listed below are a roadmap, but like with any disease, an individual’s personal experience will be unique. Experimentation and Initial Use The first steps toward addiction generally involve an initial use of alcohol or drugs and…

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Depressants vs Stimulants

Stimulants and depressants are the two major categories of addictive drugs. While depressants slow down the central nervous system, stimulants speed it up. Understanding the effects of depressants vs stimulants enables you to recognize signs of an overdose, addiction, and abuse. Recreational drug use has become common especially among men and women. Some of the…

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Signs of a High Functioning Addict

A person who can function while addicted to drugs presents a special and unique kind of risk because they often can mask their addiction. Friends and family might have little idea of the turmoil that their loved one faces. Recognizing the signs of a high functioning drug addict is essential to get them help and address the…

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What is Sober Living?

Although addiction is a chronic disease, recovery is possible. Treatment helps teach you how to manage your symptoms and cope with cravings, as well as how to repair damage caused by your addiction. Treatment can include options like residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and sober living. But what is sober living, and how can it help…