what are dissociative drugs

What are Dissociative Drugs?

Dissociative drugs powerfully distort your perception of both sight and sound. These drugs also trigger feelings of detachment or disassociation, for which they are named. Now, these effects are not hallucinogenic. It would be more precise to label ketamine and PCP as dissociative anesthetics. As well as these two drugs, DXM (dextromethorphan) and salvia also…

woman rubbing her temples wondering Can Stress Trigger Relapse

Can Stress Trigger Relapse?

Whether stress stems from a single isolated event or an ongoing issue, this is simply your body’s natural response to external changes and unfortunately there is a connection between stress and addiction.  The changes or events that trigger stress are not just limited to negative changes. Going away to college or getting married are both…


Who Is Eligible for Medication Assisted Treatment Programs?

MAT (medication-assisted treatment) is delivered in combination with psychotherapies and counseling to provide a holistic approach to treating substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder. Medication-assisted treatment doesn’t substitute one addiction for another, and the medications used are all approved by the FDA.               All addiction treatment can make…


What’s the Difference Between a PHP and an IOP

What’s the Difference Between a PHP and an IOP? Partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs are essentially the same type of outpatient treatment. The difference comes in the time commitment required. Despite the name, an intensive outpatient program is not the more demanding of the two programs. You typically attend sessions for two or…


How to Deal with Addiction Cravings

Learning how to deal with addiction cravings will help streamline your recovery. Cravings come about after prolonged and habitual substance abuse. You can find cravings striking after months or even years of abstinence. That said, there are addiction treatment programs and California rehabs that have robust aftercare programs and sober living facilities in place to…

woman kissing recovering addict

Seven Things Recovering Addicts Want You to Know

What Recovering Addicts Want You To Know Recovering addicts are often looked upon with consternation, largely due to misconceptions or generalization. If you ever had the opportunity to sit and talk with someone in this position, here is what recovering addicts want you to know: They never chose to become an addict. Although they chose…

pouring shots showing the different stages of addiction

What Are The Different Stages of Addiction?

The Stages of Addiction The use of alcohol and other drugs is a topic that has been studied by many experts over many, many decades in an effort to identify the stages of addiction. Over the years, some clear patterns have emerged and while the individual’s level of use and the dysfunction experienced as a…

an image of herbal supplements representing kratom and kratom withdrawal

Guide to Kratom Withdrawal

Kratom withdrawal produces broadly similar effects to opioid withdrawal and opiate withdrawal, although symptoms are not typically as severe. This herbal supplement contains alkaloids with pain-relieving properties that also exert stimulating and psychoactive effects on your brain.  While some people have promoted kratom as a safer alternative to opioids, using this substance long-term can lead…