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The Most Commonly Abused Medications

We Explore the Most Commonly Abused Medications and Examine Treatment Since addiction often begins with a legitimate prescription, we look at the most commonly abused medications and how to find treatment. We’ve all heard the term “gateway drugs,” but what we’re really talking about here is more of the path toward addiction. Each of these…

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What Are The Different Stages of Recovery?

The Stages of Recovery from Addiction Recovery from addiction and maintaining abstinence is no easy task. During the stages of recovery, addicts will go through a range of emotions and challenges. Understanding the stages of recovery will help the families and friends recognize the progress of their loved one or recognize the signs of relapse.…

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Are Drug Education Programs Effective?

The Effectiveness of Drug Education Programs Over the years, we’ve been led to believe that drug education programs are good for young people, but are they? We look at the effectiveness of this practice. D.A.R.E. As far back as many of us can remember, the DARE program was at the forefront of drug education programs.…

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Understanding Drug Abuse and Addiction

Understanding Drug Addiction and Abuse For most people, understanding drug abuse and addiction is simply beyond their comprehension. Over the years, people often get trapped in the mindset that those with substance abuse issues lack moral principles or willpower. These same people think that beating addiction is easy as choosing to do so. In reality,…

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What are the Different Drug Treatment Options?

What are the Different Drug Abuse Treatments Options? Drug abuse treatment options vary depending upon a variety of factors including the patient’s history, evidence of mental illness, existing health conditions, availability of government or insurance aid and in many cases, the family’s financial position. Generally speaking, drug addiction treatments generally include one or more of…

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What Are the Effects of Heroin on the Body?

What are the effects of heroin on the body? Heroin enters the brain rapidly and binds to opioid receptors on cells located in many areas, especially those involved in feelings of pain and pleasure and in controlling heart rate, sleeping, and breathing. As a result, the effects of Heroin on the body are severe and…