An image of a man in a telehealth for addiction program

Telehealth for Addiction

Telehealth for addiction is not a replacement for conventional face-to-face treatment, but it can prove a useful supplement.  According to the HRSA (Health Resources Services Administration), telehealth involves the provision of remote treatment, clinical healthcare, and education related to public health via telecommunications software.  In plain English, telehealth for addiction translates to remote treatment using…

an image of a person in therapy learning more about what are designer drugs

What Are Designer Drugs?

What are designer drugs, exactly?  Well, these substances have been chemically altered in illegal labs to imitate the effects of other illicit drugs, but sometimes with new and even more powerful effects. Designer drugs impact both the body and mind, and they are entirely unregulated. Luckily, there are addiction treatment programs like The District Recovery‘s…

an image of a diagram of a heart representing the heroin effects on the body

Heroin Effects on the Body

It should come as no surprise that the heroin effects on the body can be severe and wide-ranging, especially once addiction sets in.  Addiction to heroin, formally known as opioid use disorder, is characterized by an array of distressing and unpleasant symptoms, both physical and psychological. For the purposes of today’s brief guide, we’ll focus…