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The Growing Fentanyl Addiction Problem

Fentanyl Addiction is Sweeping the Nation Fentanyl addiction is officially an epidemic according to many sources so today, we look at what’s being done to stem the tide of this deadly drug’s rise to infamy. Fentanyl is among the most notorious and dangerous opioids aroudn. As it rises in popularity, the continuing opioid epidemic problem…

group of construction workers working while in recovery

Working While in Recovery

Working While in Recovery: Can it be done? The short answer is – it depends. Since there are different stages of recovery, let’s focus on which stage of recovery is most conducive to working while in recovery. First, let’s quickly cover the stages of recovery: Rehab/Detox – The first step on the recovery journey is…

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7 Shocking Statistics About Opioid Addiction

New Statistics on Opioid Addiction Have Been Released Every year, millions of Americans use opioids to manage pain. Doctor-prescribed opioids are appropriate in some cases, but they just mask the pain—and reliance on opioids has led to the worst drug crisis in American history. New data shows the impact of America’s opioid addiction problems. Since…

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Paying for Treatment with Medicare or Medicaid

What are Medicare and Medicaid? Depending on the type of addiction treatment program you’ve selected, many of them offer the option to use government funded healthcare programs. Inn fact, one of the most commonly used methods for paying for drug and alcohol rehab is Medicaid or Medicare, both of which are are federal or state-funded…

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The Link Between Prescriptions and Opioids

The Link Between Prescriptions and Opioids: What Studies Have Shown The link between prescriptions and opioids is a natural area to explore given that so many people have reported that they believe their addiction started only after a doctor prescribed medication for pain. By no means does that suggest that doctors are to blame and…

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The Advantages of Traveling for Sober Living

Sober living homes offer a unique living environment that supports abstinence from drugs and alcohol and helps maintain a healthy recovery lifestyle.1 Sober homes offer people in recovery a safe place to transition into independent living, and many people decide on traveling for sober living, rather than staying close to home. Let’s take a look…

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What’s After Rehab?

Knowing What’s After Rehab is Critical to the Recovery Process The goal of treatment is always to pass to you the the skills you need in life to live a sober life and to manage stresses and challenges. Success after rehab means that these skills are vital to your success. Unfortunately, some people think that…

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5 Ways Sober Living is Worth The Struggle

When it comes to addiction recovery, learning to live sober can be a difficult thing. Luckily, with the help of aftercare and alumni programs as well as sober living houses, clients can take from those who have been through the process before and see the bright side of things as quickly as possible. Learning to…