Drug and alcohol use has been shown to have a great impact on the brain

Understanding the Effects of Drugs on the Brain

Addiction affects the brain in many different ways, and understanding the effects of drugs on the brain can help you better gauge the risks you’re taking when abusing substances.  Whether you’re using alcohol, opioids, stimulants, sedatives, or nicotine, these compounds enter your brain and your bloodstream. As soon as this substance has entered your brain,…


Comprehensive Guide to the Most Dangerous Drugs

If you think of drug addiction and the most dangerous drugs, you’ll typically bring substances like cocaine, heroin, and meth to mind. The truth is, most drug abusers don’t fall into this category. Instead, the most commonly abused substances according to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) are prescription pills and OTC medications. After this…


California Rehab for Club Drugs

Drugs like ecstasy, MDMA, and more can all prove to be problematic, luckily, there are treatment options and California rehab for club drugs to help people who have fallen victim to substance abuse problems. The District is an addiction treatment service that specializes in sober living facilities as well as outpatient treatment programs like Orange…

a family plays together as they discuss characteristics to look for in sober living homes

Characteristics to Look for in a Sober Living Home

Although you can fully recover from addiction and achieve lifelong recovery, addiction has no known cure. That means taking your treatment seriously is essential to your recovery. Inpatient and outpatient programs provide you with the skills and tools necessary to prepare for life without drugs and alcohol. Sober living is a great way to support…

a man holds his head in his hands and thinks about depressants vs stimulants

Depressants vs Stimulants

Looking at depressants vs. stimulants is interesting as they are both large categorization of legal and illegal drugs. This distinction is based on whether the substance in question depresses or stimulates the CNS (central nervous system). Although these two categories of drugs deliver effects at opposite ends of the spectrum, there are also some commonalities…