An image of a man smoking with drug addict personality traits

Drug Addict Personality Traits

The popular myth of an addictive personality leads many people grappling with addiction to question whether there are specific drug addict personality traits.  This is a nuanced issue as there are so many risk factors for addiction.  Broadly, some people can be considered genetically predisposed to substance abuse. According to NIDA (the National Institute on…

an image of pets at a pet-friendly rehab

Pet-Friendly Sober Living and Recovery

Pet-friendly sober living homes allow you to step down from residential rehab or to engage with outpatient treatment if your living environment is unsupportive and you have a pet you need to bring with you. Animal-assisted therapy for addiction, when used in combination with evidence-based treatment, can help many people break the cycle of substance…

An image of someone experiencing the Cycle of Addiction

The Cycle of Addiction

Addiction is defined as a chronic and relapsing brain condition, but how does the cycle of addiction unfold? Well, like most chronic diseases, alcoholism or drug addiction don’t just spring up overnight. Instead, the process of developing an addiction typically occurs over several stages. Much like other chronic diseases, a vicious cycle of addiction and…

An image of an IV | Cocaine Detox

Cocaine Detox & Withdrawal

You might be surprised to discover that cocaine withdrawal and cocaine detox is not as intense or challenging as withdrawal from alcohol, prescription opioids, or illicit drugs.  Cocaine is a strong and powerfully addictive controlled substance that triggers a variety of withdrawal symptoms if you stop using cocaine after sustained abuse.  If you develop a…