woman kissing recovering addict

Seven Things Recovering Addicts Want You to Know

What Recovering Addicts Want You To Know Recovering addicts are often looked upon with consternation, largely due to misconceptions or generalization. If you ever had the opportunity to sit and talk with someone in this position, here is what recovering addicts want you to know: They never chose to become an addict. Although they chose…

teens smoking and drinking not worried about marijuana and brain damage

Millennials, Marijuana and Brain Damage

Many years ago, in the 1930s cult classic Reefer Madness, marijuana users were portrayed as violent hooligans. More recent (and more scientific) examination of marijuana and brain damage suggests that for young people, there are concerns. Studies suggest that marijuana could cause significant and irreparable damage. In some cases, the symptoms resemble schizophrenia,. This, according to…

man in bed thinking about common co-occurring disorders with substance abuse

What Are the Most Common Co-Occurring Disorders With Substance Abuse?

Some of the most common co-occurring disorders found in chemically dependent people include mood and anxiety disorders. An even higher percentage of people with severe mental illness also have co-occurring disorders that are substance abuse related. Called severe because of the severity and length of episodes of illness, these mental health disorders include schizophrenia and…

man holding chain links of the risk factors for addiction

Recognizing The Risk Factors For Addiction

It’s been said that most people are predisposed to certain traits or activities. Some people might have bouts with depression, some might have anger issues or some people might be temperamental. Others may have difficulty with anxiety. Still others might have a predisposition to addiction in one form or another. Addiction risk factors include far…

men grouping up for session about methadone vs suboxone vs vivitrol

Methadone vs Suboxone vs Vivitrol: Which is Right for You?

Generally speaking, there are currently three types of medications that are U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved to combat opioid addiction: Methadone, Suboxone and Vivitrol. These medications come in different forms: pills, dissolvable films and liquids. Studies have shown that these forms of medication-assisted treatment when used in conjunction with addiction recovery treatment can raise…

senior man kissing wife's forehead to be supportive in recovery

Six Ways to be Supportive of a Significant Other Who is in Recovery

To support an addict in recovery means that friends, loved ones and family members must come together and develop a plan. Most important to the success is the attitude and support of an addict’s spouse or significant other. The recovery can be a long process and it takes a toll on those who are patiently…

man listening to podcast at bar about how to say goodbye to toxic friends while in recovery

How to Say Goodbye to Toxic Friends While in Recovery

The challenges of maintaining sobriety are hard enough without the burden of a toxic friends. Anything that reminds you of your past is a potential relapse trigger. Having toxic friends in your circle exposes you to powerful of relapse triggers. Recovery is a huge challenge and being around people who, for lack of a better…

group of opiates vs opioids

Opiates vs Opioids: Is There a Difference?

Although subtle, there are distinct differences between opioids and opiates. An opiate is a drug that is naturally derived from a flowering opium poppy plant. Some examples of opiates include morphine, heroin and codeine. So what is an opioid drug? The term opioid is a broader description to include opiates and generally refers to any…

family staging an intervention that works

How to Stage an Intervention That Works

Tips on How to Stage an Intervention Drug interventions can be powerful tools to help someone realize that action is needed to break the cycle of addiction. To pull it off effectively requires careful planning and participation from those closest to the addict. With careful preparation and a stringent set of consequences in place, the…