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6 Tips for Relapse Prevention

Addiction can ruin your life, and recovering isn’t easy. On average, addiction relapse rates range between 40% and 60%. However, you’re likelier to relapse if you don’t follow treatment guidelines or utilize continued care, like sober living programs. One slip-up can restart the addiction cycle without proper support and coping skills. Staying sober and avoiding…

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Participating in Treatment During Sober Living

Why Participating in Treatment During Sober Living is Critical for Recovery Are you in the process of recovery from substance abuse or addiction? The transition can prove to be difficult outside a sober living facility, which helps to avoid relapse. After completing an inpatient rehab program, continue participating in treatment during sober living programs for…

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What to Expect From Sober Living

Often, many people recovering from addiction wonder what to expect from sober living as they leave rehab. A sober living facility, also known as a sober home, is an essential facility for longer-lasting addiction recovery, which is an ongoing process with numerous challenges. The facility provides a safe and sober environment for a successful transition…

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Outpatient Treatment and Sober Living

According to The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), an estimated 19.7 million Americans aged 12 years and above struggle with substance use disorders every year. These numbers are alarming, and every member of society should play a part to ensure the trend stops. As such, people who are struggling with addiction should…

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What is Sober Living? All You Need to Know About Sober Living

What Is Sober Living? At a sober living facility, you’ll interact with other residents in workshops, meetings, meals, and other sober living program activities. This social support is ideal in early recovery as all residents struggling with continued abstinence can count on each other. In the District Recovery Community, we’ll help you to overcome the…

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Stages of Addiction

Addiction can develop in stages as drug or alcohol use becomes more problematic and dysfunctional. The stages of addiction listed below are a roadmap, but like with any disease, an individual’s personal experience will be unique. Experimentation and Initial Use The first steps toward addiction generally involve an initial use of alcohol or drugs and…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Sober Living

One of the biggest hurdles to recovering from an addiction or substance abuse disorder is that you can continue to experience symptoms long after your last use. Relapse is common during recovery, as 40%-60% of people recovering from addiction experience at least one relapse. A relapse occurs when you begin abusing drugs or alcohol after…

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Top 10 Famous Addiction Recovery Stories

There are millions of addiction recovery stories, but not enough are covered in the media – except when it involves a celebrity. Here are some of our favorite famous addiction recovery stories. Celebrities are humans, just like us, and despite their fame, money and cool occupation, many celebrities have gone on to suffer from an…

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Opioid Deaths Have Fallen – Or Have They?

Preliminary data shows that opioid deaths have fallen  (maybe) by 5 percent in 2018 — the first drop in overdose deaths since the country’s opioid epidemic began in the 1990s. The statistics about opioid abuse in general are shocking. The data, first reported by the New York Times, seems like good news. A 5 percent…

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Questions to Ask Your Treatment Provider

Questions to Ask Your Treatment Provider If you’re thinking about going to or sending someone into treatment, you need to know what questions to ask your treatment provider. This is the minimum amount of due diligence that must be done to ensure any reasonable chance of success. There are many reasons that getting it right…