group therapy session during aftercare for addiction treatment

Aftercare Rehab Program for Substance Abuse

The best aftercare rehab program accounts for the fact recovery is an ongoing process rather than a single event. Recovery aftercare is an umbrella term used to describe all types of care you may receive once you finish an addiction treatment program and leave rehab. Here’s a snapshot of some of the most common types…

A man walks on a log and thinks about the benefits of adventure therapy

Adventure Therapy Benefits

You’re about to begin the journey through sobriety. You want to stop focusing on your need for the drugs or alcohol that took control of your life. However, you’re not sure where to start. Then, your counselor suggests trying adventure therapy. You wonder, what is adventure therapy, and what are the benefits of adventure therapy?…

an image of a brain scan showing marijuana brain damage

Marijuana Brain Damage

Marijuana brain damage is an issue with current research throwing up conflicting results. What is much clearer is that marijuana has the potential for abuse, and as the most commonly abused addictive substance after tobacco and alcohol, it’s worth exploring the link between marijuana and brain damage. Today, we’ll explore what that scientific research yields,…


A Breakdown of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) offer addiction treatment for mild alcohol use disorder or substance disorder when medical detox is not required. Now, residential rehab is often the best option. In the cases of most moderate and severe addictions, inpatient treatment is advisable. For anyone with an unstable home background, residential treatment offers a sanctuary away…