how to choose rehab for teenagers

Rehab for Teens

The most effective rehab for teens utilizes evidence-based treatments personalized for the specific needs of young people. That said, many teenagers successfully engage with addiction treatment in a regular drug and alcohol rehab center, assuming the program is tailored to their requirements.  When it comes to treatment for alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder,…

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How to Help Someone in Recovery

Learning how to help someone in recovery can be the difference between their sustained sobriety and relapse.  With the recently published NSDUH 2020 reporting that 40 million adults in the United States have substance use disorder and 28.5 million have alcohol use disorder. With so many people grappling with substance use issues, there is every…

woman talking with therapist in outpatient rehab

What is Outpatient Rehab?

Addiction treatment can be cleaved into two main delivery methods:  Inpatient or residential rehab Outpatient rehab Most severe alcohol use disorders and substance use disorders benefit from residential treatment. Around-the-clock medical care and medications available help to streamline the detox and withdrawal process.  Not everyone grappling with drink or drugs has a severe addiction, though,…