man with head down sitting in woods suffering depression and drug addiction

Depression and Drug Addiction

Depression and Drug Addiction Substance abuse intensifies the symptoms of depression and leads to other conditions like brain damage. Most elements of depression go hand in hand with the signs of drug addiction. This is why one should seek proper treatment and care for both disorders. Depression and drug addiction can cause individuals to isolate…

man sitting on couch with drink in hand showing alcoholism and depression

Alcoholism and Depression

Depression is a serious mental illness that affects millions of people every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, depression is a contributing factor in suicides. In 2017, the CDC reported 47,173 suicide deaths in the United States. Although some people turn to alcohol to soothe the pain caused by depression, alcohol…

a man facepalms after missing the signs of a high functioning addict

Signs of a High Functioning Addict

A person who can function while addicted to drugs presents a special and unique kind of risk because they often can mask their addiction. Friends and family might have little idea of the turmoil that their loved one faces. Recognizing the signs of a high functioning drug addict is essential to get them help and address the…

a man relaxes and wonders what is sober living

What is Sober Living?

Although addiction is a chronic disease, recovery is possible. Treatment helps teach you how to manage your symptoms and cope with cravings, as well as how to repair damage caused by your addiction. Treatment can include options like residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and sober living. But what is sober living, and how can it help…

woman sits on a couch learning about the dos and donts of sober living

Do’s and Don’ts of Sober Living

One of the biggest hurdles to recovering from an addiction or substance abuse disorder is that you can continue to experience symptoms long after your last use. Relapse is common during recovery, as 40%-60% of people recovering from addiction experience at least one relapse. A relapse occurs when you begin abusing drugs or alcohol after…

a family plays together as they discuss characteristics to look for in sober living homes

Characteristics to Look for in a Sober Living Home

Although you can fully recover from addiction and achieve lifelong recovery, addiction has no known cure. That means taking your treatment seriously is essential to your recovery. Inpatient and outpatient programs provide you with the skills and tools necessary to prepare for life without drugs and alcohol. Sober living is a great way to support…

a man studies a notepad and wonders do i need sober living

Do I Need Sober Living?

Adjusting to life after addiction is difficult. You have to learn how to avoid caving to triggers and cravings. Sober living is an excellent option following treatment, especially if you have struggled with maintaining your sobriety before. If you’re wondering do I need sober living, chances are you could benefit from sober living options. Learning…