patient learning the risk factors for substance abuse

3 Risk Factors for Substance Abuse

When it comes to overcoming addiction, understanding the risk factors for substance abuse and why some people are more susceptible to these problems can give you a better understanding of you or your loved one’s situation.  Research has found that while anyone can develop a drug addiction, several factors increase someone’s risk of developing a…

outpatient sign making you wonder what is iop

What Is IOP?

An IOP or intensive outpatient program is a form of outpatient rehab proven effective for treating mild substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder. For most moderate or severe addictions, residential rehab, also known as inpatient treatment, is typically the most effective delivery method for treatment. This also applies when you need medical detox, or…

man talking in group therapy

A Definitive Guide to Group Therapy

If you’re struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may find the idea of opening up emotionally to a therapist or counselor tough at first, even in individual therapy sessions. How about group therapy, though? Maybe the idea of sharing deeply personal experiences in front of strangers gives you cause for concern. Perhaps you’re…

group of men on a yosemite hike during adventure therapy for recovery

What’s Adventure Therapy and How Can It Help With Recovery?

The Purpose of Adventure Therapy The District Recovery Community (TDRC) integrates many forms of adventure therapy into our clients’ lives, including adventure therapy. Adventure, camaraderie, and character-building is instrumental in early recovery. By employing an adventure-based experience, The District allows residents the opportunity to find hobbies and identify what they are passionate about. This is…

therapist supporting a man as he explains what is cognitive behavioral therapy

What’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

If you are looking into addiction treatment options for you or your loved one you may have come across various types of therapy and may be asking yourself “What is cognitive behavioral therapy?” Let’s take a closer look at this form of addiction and mental health treatment that is considered one of the most common…