benefits of addiction recovery group therapy

Benefits of Addiction Recovery Group Therapy

If you’ve decided to become substance-free, that’s an important step to take. The next significant step on the recovery journey is committing to strive for a healthy new life. This is especially challenging and you will need to utilize all of the resources available to you. Part of your treatment may include group therapy, individual…

an image of a person in an intensive outpatient program (IOP)

Are Drug and Alcohol Counselors Effective for Treatment?

It’s virtually impossible to stay substance-free after detox without the appropriate emotional support. Drug addiction is considered a mental health disorder. It is a physiological, physical, and emotional condition. When a person has been using drugs and alcohol for prolonged periods, it changes the chemistry of the brain and makes it difficult to stay stopped.…

A teen struggles with signs of drug addiction

Signs Your Teen Suffers From Drug Addiction

Discerning whether your teen suffers from drug addiction can be challenging. Adolescence is normally accompanied by new emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Therefore, you might interpret your teen’s shift in behavior as typical adolescence while it is a result of drug addiction. You can find out if they are indeed using drugs by asking direct questions.…

Enjoying wonderful food during a sober thanksgiving

3 Ways to Stay Sober For Thanksgiving

Like many holidays, Thanksgiving can be a source of great meaning and happiness. For this reason, people often find it as a reason to celebrate with friends and family, indulging in food and drinks. But for you, drinking alcohol during this delicate point of your life can be very detrimental to your recovery. Given that…

Group talks about their need for an IOP

What Can You Expect From an IOP?

If you are suffering from addiction but do not require round the clock medical attention, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) may be the right option for you. An IOP is a substance abuse rehab in which you receive comprehensive addiction treatment in CA without staying in the facility overnight. While a residential treatment program requires…

woman dealing with long term side effects of heroin

Long-Term Side Effects of Heroin

Continued abuse of any drug could easily have lasting impacts on your body and health. Heroin is no different. Furthermore, heroin’s highly addictive nature makes it even more dangerous. Continued use of the drug will create several long-lasting psychological and physical complications. By learning the long-term side effects of heroin and how heroin addiction treatment,…