Men and women each have a unique relationship with drug addiction. Men’s and women’s sober living programs in Orange County, CA provides specialized drug addiction treatment tailored to help men and women develop the coping skills necessary to overcome the urge to abuse drugs.

Men’s and Women’s Addiction Treatment

therapy meeting at men's addiction treatment programs

What does it take to help an individual conquer addiction? Believe it or not, it takes more than just the right addiction treatment programs. It takes a community that can provide support and guidance. Although men and women tend to lose this level of support once they leave rehab, they don’t have to.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment programs ease the transition from detox or inpatient rehab programs. Some people attend these initial programs and think they’ve recovered from addiction. But this is far from true. Outpatient treatment continues to provide the professional and peer support required for lasting addiction recovery. Clients gain increased responsibility and exposure to normal daily life while attending outpatient programs daily. At The District Recovery, our Outpatient Program is structured to give clients the vocational development they need, with the recovery support they deserve.

Sober Living and Aftercare Programs

When talking about addiction treatment programs, it’s impossible not to bring up sober living and other aftercare services. These programs offer unique experiences that continue to provide support for men and women long after they complete rehab.

Firstly, let’s cover a bit more about sober living homes. These residences are perfect for individuals who are fresh out of rehab and need continued support. Men’s and women’s sober living homes in Orange County CA help individuals develop positive routines after successful substance abuse treatment, so they can achieve lasting sobriety.

At a men’s and women’s addiction treatment center, sober living homes provide gender-specific housing. Men and women can continue to receive support from professionals and like-minded peers. Also, they get to live free from pressure and judgment until they’re ready for it.

Other aftercare services provide many of the same features. In some cases, they consist of other addiction treatment programs that individuals engage in after general rehab. These services continue to give them the support that they need to remain drug-free.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Traditionally, addiction treatment programs involve individual and group counseling. While counseling is an essential part of recovery, men and women should look for other services as well. Addiction treatment programs provide men and women with the comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment necessary to overcome the physical symptoms of drug addiction, and the underlying co-occurring mental health conditions fueling drug addiction. Men’s and women’s addiction treatment programs in Orange County, CA include:

Reaching health and fitness goals can make them feel better about themselves. Also, it gives them a hobby to enjoy, which is an important part of avoiding relapse after rehab.

In addition, a sober living center teaches individuals about accountability. They can’t hope to overcome addiction if they don’t take responsibility for their actions. After all, it’s typically easier for them to blame anyone other than themselves.

Tutoring is another important treatment service. Some rehab centers simply help men and women overcome addiction. However, they need to relearn certain life skills to help them maintain recovery, as well. These life skills include managing personal finances and securing a job.

Working While Recovering

Sometimes, men and women can’t afford to stop working while they complete addiction treatment programs and commit to sober living programs. Thankfully, some programs allow them to continue to work. In fact, sober living homes offer the perfect opportunity to continue working while receiving treatment. The kind of freedom that they provide is only possible during the aftercare phase of recovery.

Rehab Alumni Support Network

After successful completion at our inpatient rehab center, the rehab alumni and community in Orange County, CA provides contained drug addiction support. This rehab alumni network provides support and events year-round to help you achieve lasting sobriety.

Overcome Drug Addiction

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