smiling man sitting on couch ready for addiction treatment therapyAddiction plagues millions of people nationwide. From the opioid epidemic to self-medicating mental health issues with alcohol, the accessibility of substances makes recovery challenging to say the least. As part of the alcohol and drug addiction therapy programs at The District Recovery Community, clients will learn gain the tools and knowledge they need to conquer their addiction at our recovery centers in Orange County, CA.

Our sober living programs provide several therapy programs to promote lasting addiction recovery. As those in recovery gain more responsibilities and enter into their lives after rehab, addiction therapy services are vital.

Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Therapy

Dealing with the chronic disease of addiction, there are many psychological and social aspects that can trigger a return to drugs or alcohol. Even after the time and money spent on drug rehab, relapse is always a possibility. However, continuing to participate in addiction treatment therapies reduces the chances and impact of relapse.

Attending addiction counseling brings several benefits. For example, individuals can discuss the following with a licensed therapist in Huntington Beach:

  • Daily stress or sudden stressful events
  • Current symptoms of addiction, such as urges and thoughts of using
  • Triggers in the environment, such as passing a bar
  • Social support networks or spending time with those that use

By expressing these issues and the current state of your recovery, you can devise a plan together to set goals and work through your problems.

Therapy in California reduces psychological and even behavioral symptoms of addiction, like the following:

  • Loss of interest in once enjoyed activities
  • Ability to rationalize
  • Issues from self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • Trouble regulating mood
  • Placing blame on the disease and not oneself or others
  • Trouble sleeping or insomnia
  • Relationship problems with loved ones
  • Obsessive thoughts about drugs or alcohol
  • Thoughts of suicide

Even if clients aren’t struggling with active addiction or mental health disorders, they can still benefit from talking to a professional in a maintenance capacity. Addiction is a chronic disease like any other medical condition.


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Drug Addiction Therapy in Orange County, CA

There are many beneficial options for outpatient addiction treatment therapy in Orange County, CA. Depending on the individual needs of each client, treatment may include:

Each therapy program utilizes different techniques and approaches to learning new coping skills and healthy ways of expressing oneself without drugs or alcohol. Trauma counseling also helps those process and move on from traumatic events and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Additionally, addiction treatment therapy provides support for co-occurring mental health disorders. If issues of substance abuse or mental illness are treated separately, they one left untreated can exacerbate symptoms leading to relapse. This connection makes counseling crucial to recovery in California.

Drug Addiction Therapy and the Path to Recovery

The District Recovery Community features many sober living programs to encourage and support those in addiction recovery. Our continued programs give clients a safe, drug-free environment with addiction specialists to utilize new skills while increasing responsibility. This way, clients gradually move into their new sober lifestyle.

Recovery programs in sunny California include:

Whether you have experienced chronic relapses or want a strong start into sobriety, contact The District Recovery Community for sober living options and recovery resources. Call 844.287.8506 today to speak with staff members confidentially about alcohol and drug addiction therapy and other programs in the Orange County area. Let licensed therapists and psychiatrists help you move on from addiction and live a healthy life.