When you choose the District Recovery, you can rest assured. Our cognitive-behavioral therapy in Orange County can assist you in ending your drug or alcohol addiction. Our addiction treatment programs will help you tear your focus from your daily stressors, and focus instead on your recovery. Contact the District Recovery to learn more about our addiction recovery programs. 

Understanding Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy A therapist talks to a man about cognitive behavioral therapy

Our cognitive-behavioral program focuses on several core ideas. The treatments address the flawed, unhelpful thoughts and responses. These are the basis of many psychological problems, such as addiction. Unlike other therapy methods, cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on your current situation. You don’t have to focus on your past. 

In addition, this therapy shows you how to recognize your unhelpful, distorted thoughts that cause problems. It also allows you to understand your behavior and the motivations behind them. Treatment modalities might include encouraging you to face your fears or roleplaying reactions to certain situations. Additionally, cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you calm your body and mind when you get stressed. 

What Can You Learn?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy has a positive impact on how you act and feel. It also gives you coping strategies that don’t involve alcohol. It helps you identify problem areas in your life. You become more aware of your automatic thoughts, and you’re able to distinguish the difference between facts and your irrational thoughts. You’re ready to stop fearing the worst, and eventually, face your fears instead of avoiding them. 

Also, you’ll find it is easier to be kinder to yourself. This therapy allows you to stop taking the blame for everything, and you will instead establish and work towards attainable goals. 

Additionally, it’s easier to communicate with and understand the people around you after cognitive-behavioral therapy. You will be able to accept, describe, and understand your feelings instead of judging yourself or others. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy’s Role in Addiction Treatment

When you pair cognitive-behavioral therapy with drug rehab, the effects are easy to see. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has been effective in treating anxiety disorders, depression, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental disorders. You gain problem-solving skills that help you cope with challenging situations that you may encounter during or after rehab. CBT encourages you to use healthier methods to cope with stress, rather than turning to alcohol or drugs. It also helps you build confidence. 

When you come to The District Recovery for cognitive-behavioral therapy, a therapist will talk with you and work on a treatment plan to address your substance abuse disorder. You can apply the skills you learn from CBT in your daily life. Additionally, you will learn how to detect negative emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. You will also learn coping mechanisms to handle these negative patterns. The tools you gain through cognitive-behavioral therapy helps to prevent relapse. Therapy allows patients to build positive communication skills, cope with grief, move on from emotional trauma, and resolve your relationship issues.

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