When it comes to conquering substance use and mental health disorders, one form of therapy stands as one of the most effective addiction treatment methods: cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT. California has numerous treatment centers that offer this form of evidence-based care to help people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, eating disorders, and more. 

Before we dive into how you can go about finding a CBT treatment center for yourself or your loved one, let’s first dissect what cognitive behavioral therapy actually is and what happens during CBT treatment.


What is CBT?A therapist talks to a man about cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a form of therapy in which the goal is to identify and reverse false and distressing beliefs that are leading to negative thoughts and actions. The belief behind this form of therapy is that certain thoughts and behavioral patterns can intensify problems and make life more difficult – the overarching goal is to alter and change these negative thoughts and behavioral patterns to bypass these issues. Let’s learn more about this type of therapy so you can get a better understanding of what cognitive behavioral therapy is and how it works.

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work?

Asking yourself “how does cognitive behavioral therapy works” As mentioned above, cognitive behavioral therapy works by having a clinician and client identify negative thought patterns and behaviors and work to rewire the brain to reverse these. 

For example, a person may feel bouts of extreme anxiety when they are in a large group of people and some will even self-medicate to distract and fight off these feelings – this will only exacerbate the issue and lead an individual down the path of addiction. During CBT, clients will work to overcome these feelings on their own, without the help of outside substances. For some, this can include focusing on your own breathing to calm yourself down causing you to relax when in these environments. This will not only help with their issues at hand but will improve their overall mental health and mindfulness as well.

The methods for overcoming these negative thoughts and feeling will change depending on the individual and the problems that they are dealing with. Regardless of the situation, though, clients will leave their clinician’s office with strategies and methods that they can implement in their day-to-day lives to combat the negative thoughts and feelings that they are being exposed to.

Can You Do CBT on Yourself?

While some studies have shown that self-directed CBT can be effective, the safer option is to go to those who are trained and skilled in the practice. Your mental and behavioral health is vital to your overall well-being and is not something you should take lightly.

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CBT Therapy Near Me

Now that we have a better understanding of what CBT actually is, let’s look how you can go about finding cognitive behavioral therapy treatment near you. Finding CBT treatment may be difficult for some as many may not know exactly what to look for. Truly, what you are seeking out will depend on the problems that you or your loved one is facing. 

Many people who need CBT therapy for various mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and more also suffer from a substance abuse disorder as well. This is referred to as a co-occuring disorder and requires dual diagnosis treatment to properly overcome both problems simultaneously. 

Whether you are looking for help for a comorbidity or just for mental health counseling alone, there are specific things that you should look for when researching CBT treatment near you.

For one, you want to ensure that the therapists in charge of treatment are properly licensed and have the credentials to be providing this form of therapy. It is also good to look for treatment programs that have received the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission. This type of accreditation is reserved for high quality health care organizations that go above and beyond to ensure there is a safe environment conducive with client success.

These are just a few of the things that you should be aware of when locating CBT treatment for yourself or your loved one.

CBT California

Whether you are looking for help in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Long Beach, San Francisco, or more, there are a number of treatment facilities across the state that can help with this. Luckily, there are many databases on the web that can help you find a CBT therapist or clinical psychologist for CBT. For example, Psychology Today, is one tool that can be used to help you find treatment near you or in your state.

CBT Therapy Orange County

There are numerous CBT treatment centers in Orange County, when searching it is important to look to make sure whatever facility you are interested in has licensed professionals able to perform this form of therapy and one that has a proven track record of success. 

The District Recovery Community has connections with addiction therapy programs and mental health counseling services around Southern California that can help you. If you are interested in finding help, please call us today. We can help you find assistance for yourself or your loved one.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addiction Treatment

As mentioned previously, those dealing with mental health disorders are at a greater risk for addiction issues as well – and vice versa. In fact, people who are dealing with some sort of substance abuse problem are about twice as likely to deal with a mental illness.

When it comes to using CBT for addiction treatment specifically, studies have shown that it is an effective method of treatment for both alcohol and drug disorders among adults.

More specifically, studies among veterans with substance abuse going through CBT treatment found that they had:

  • Better management cravings and urges to use
  • Increased problem-solving skills
  • More commitment to making and maintaining changes to their substance abuse

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Finding the Best CBT Therapy with TDRC

Overall, CBT is one of the most commonly used forms of therapy, and for good reason – it has proven to be one of the most effective. 

If you are looking for help for you or your loved one’s mental illness or addiction problem, CBT could be the answer. Here at The District Recovery Community, our staff has knowledge and connections with CBT and DBT counselors and mental health facilities in the state of California dedicated to helping people overcome whatever problems that they are struggling with. 

Along with CBT, other forms of mental health and addiction treatment that The District can help with include vocational development, dialectical behavioral therapy, medication assisted treatment, sober living, telehealth and online therapy services, and more are also in place to help those who need it.

To get the help you need, please call our team today to learn more about how CBT may be able to help you and get a recommendation for a quality facility near you that can provide you with the tools and knowledge you or your loved one needs to overcome their problem.