Men’s and women’s addiction treatment programs in Orange County, CA provide individuals with comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment for the physical symptoms of drug addiction and the and the co-occurring underlying mental health disorders that contribute to your drug addiction. Medication-assisted treatment helps to manage powerful drug withdrawal symptoms.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

man smiling medication assisted treatmentPlenty of signs indicate when it’s time to go to rehab, but few men and women seek treatment. One reason is that they’re afraid of the withdrawal symptoms that they’ll experience once they quit drugs. However, treatment can make physical and mental withdrawal symptoms less painful. One method of achieving that during rehab is medication-assisted treatment.

What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a type of rehab program that involves the use of FDA-approved drugs. The goal of this program is to make drug withdrawal easier. The great thing about it is that it not only helps with physical withdrawal symptoms but also mental symptoms.

Of course, medication-assisted treatment alone isn’t enough to help men and women overcome drug addiction. Experts must combine this type of treatment with traditional therapies. The combination gives individuals the best chance of overcoming addiction.

Are These Medications Addictive?

Some men and women fear a medication-assisted treatment program. Their concern is that the medications they get are just as addictive as the drugs that they abuse. If they have a history of drug misuse, won’t they try to misuse these medications too?

Since these concerns are real, MAT takes place under close supervision. Experts keep a close eye on those who participate in these programs. The goal is to ensure that they use the medications properly. With correct use, there’s little to no chance that these medications will lead to addiction.

The Fight Against Addiction Doesn’t End After Rehab

Some men and women attend a gender-specific assisted treatment program Orange County and think that it’s all they need. After all, they feel good after leaving the program, so they must have overcome addiction, right?

Unfortunately, addiction is a lifelong problem that they have to deal with on a daily basis. Thankfully, aftercare programs can aid this daily fight. After medication-assisted treatment, men’s and women’s sober living programs in Orange County, CA provide individuals with the comprehensive dual diagnosis drug addiction treatment you need to make a lasting recovery from your drug addiction. Sober living programs in Orange County CA include:

Job Placement

A rehab alumni program in Orange County, CA helps people develop positive routines, so they can achieve lasting sobriety. They do more than just hold a person’s hands while they adjust to life in society again. In fact, they pave the way to make integration into society easier.

For example, many of these programs offer job placement and assistance. Getting back to work after rehab is an important step in a young man’s life. With the right help from an aftercare program, getting back to work is easy.

Typically, these programs start with helping men and women rebuild their resumes. Then, the specialists assist with pursuing jobs in their desired fields. This kind of help gives them the strength that they need to stay sober after rehab and avoid relapse.

Gender-Specific Medication Assisted Treatment Program

man on a hike after participating in medication assisted treatmentAre you in need of a gender-specific assisted treatment program Orange County offers? If so, try reaching out to us at The District. We’re a sober living and aftercare treatment facility in California. We make it our top priority to help you overcome drug addiction.

Of course, we don’t just focus on overcoming drug addiction. In fact, our main focus is to teach you how to avoid relapse after treatment.

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