woman explaining the Women's Rehab Program to a friendScientific evidence supports the need for gender-specific rehab in managing addictions. In the past, men were the primary victims of drug and substance abuse. However, the number of women struggling with addiction has been steadily increasing in the 21st century. Fortunately, you can overcome addiction through a women’s rehab program in an aftercare community at The District Recovery Community.

From detox to sober living homes, recovery is possible with the right combination of programs in Orange County, CA.

Impact of Addiction on Women

Although substance use disorders affect both men and women in nearly the same manner, the road to recovery is different. Furthermore, women encounter obstacles that are exclusive to their gender and might need supplemental attention during recovery.

Addiction negatively impacts a woman’s behavior and lifestyle. When someone questions your actions, you may become more secretive or aggressive. If you’re a mother with kids, addiction takes away time spent with for them as you’ll focus more and more on quenching your cravings for drugs or alcohol.

Women seeking addiction treatment find it more challenging when they need to find assistance in caring for their family and children. At a women’s rehab center, women can find a robust support system with therapy programs to make rehab bearable while away from their loved ones.

It’s crucial to enroll in a women’s rehab program in Orange County, CA, to help you address the individual challenges and needs that women face.

Why Do You Need a Women’s Rehab Program?

Substance abuse is a challenging habit to overcome for most people; addiction can subject users to severe withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly attempt to quit, especially without the help of a sober living program in California.

A substance use disorder doesn’t discriminate, but a woman often faces different emotional and physiological challenges on their road to abstinence. Several factors make women-only rehab programs useful, including:

  • Addiction advancement: A woman metabolizes alcohol and drugs faster than a man does. Therefore, she can develop dependence quicker. This calls for a different approach for maintaining long-term sobriety.
  • Denial, shame, and stigma: Women tend to balance a full career with taking care of children which makes it harder to accept help.
  • Need in the community: The roles and pressures women face in society differ from men’s. Their experiences are from different points of view, as mothers, sisters, and daughters.
  • Easy to relate with others: In a gender-based program, a woman is more likely to share private and intimate information if there are peers to support her recovery.

In a women’s rehab program, you’ll have a chance to share and compare gender-specific issues of your addiction with other women. Furthermore, you can also share common or universal life issues, such as the challenges of being a mother, wife, career woman, and a single mother.

In a single-gender environment, women are more likely to open up and share their feelings with others, which aids in addiction recovery. Without exploring the reasons behind addiction, relapse is likely to occur. Thus, there are higher chances of a quicker recovery in a women-only treatment center.

Addiction Treatment for Women

Although addiction is a chronic disease, you can get relief through a women’s rehab program in Orange County, CA. At The District Recovery Community, our licensed professionals use scientifically-proven treatment strategies to help our clients transition from rehab into less structured daily routines. We’ll help you extend your success in recovery to other areas of your life.

An ideal aftercare community offers several recovery programs, such as:

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