A great place to build a foundation for your recovery/get acclimated to life after addiction. The district is unlike any aftercare program I’ve ever heard of. As soon as I got there transportation was provided and I was able to get a job with rides provided to and from work. I’m extremely grateful to have landed at a place that genuinely cares about helping people. Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting to change their life and start their journey to recovery in Orange County.

– Jacob M

This place helped me find joy in life again, and I would recommend this place to anybody looking to gain long term sobriety. The staff understands what their clients are going through because they are in Recovery themselves. TDRC taught me how to stay sober, but they also taught me how to have fun in sobriety.

– Lee M


The District change my life! I showed up and immediately felt at home with everybody there. The sober community in Huntington beach is the best I have found. Would absolutely recommend for anyone struggling with addiction! Its never a sure thing, but you deserve the best chance out there and that is the district!

– Ted F

Watch Testimonials from Actual Clients


“Before coming to the District and Renaissance Recovery my life was the worst it had ever been. I was full of fear and ill-equipped to handle life without the use of drugs or alcohol. Constantly trying to fill a void that would be impossible to fill with any substance, but my addiction was so severe and all hope seemed lost that I didn’t know what else to do besides give up. And I did. I was treated with love and compassion from the start and quickly became part of what I now consider my second family. I hung up my old ideas and quit trying to run the show; I did what was suggested of me and I couldn’t be happier with where my life is 1 year and 9 months later. I am well-equipped to handle whatever challenges life throws my way. The District Recovery Community and Renaissance Recovery helped restore hope for me in my life, and gave me purpose in trying to repay what was given to me!”

– Taylor S, Alumni


“In just over 2 weeks, my son will celebrate another complete year of sobriety. Selfishly, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to you and your teams for helping him achieve this magnificent goal, and I simply feel compelled to express some of my feelings. Historically, our family and my son have suffered for 10 years with this disease. Every phone call and every text from him caused my heart to race worrying about what was up next with him. During those 10 years we tried many other facilities. Inpatient treatments, outpatient treatments, and AA off and on for years. Obviously their methods did not work for my son, or he was not ready for it to work. Who knows, but I am absolutely convinced that if we hadn’t found your program, we would still be going along the same path. Through the team’s efforts, he has truly turned the corner. He recognizes his weaknesses and has made amends with his family. I am sure the patience and persistence that your team demonstrated and the messages delivered were instrumental in finally “reaching” him. He is a wonderful man and enjoys his work as a contribution to “giving back”, but as his mother I simply cannot thank you enough for what you did for me and what you undoubtedly contribute to other families like mine. Please keep up the good work and continue to “work outside the box” with the patients that simply don’t fit in the standard profile.”

– Kim J, Parent


“Coming into the District I had many attempts at sobriety. I had mixed feelings about getting sober when I arrived. I was scared, hesitant and most of all spiritually broken. Arriving out in California and seeing happy, sober men gave me hope. The District provided me with an environment to grow and thrive in. I became willing to listen and take direction after relating to the men around me and seeing how their lives had changed. As a result of putting God and my sobriety first, I am able to live an amazing life. Whether I am surfing, playing volleyball on the beach, or hiking in the mountains, I am able to live an active lifestyle free of addiction. I recently began working for the District to help in providing the same experience I was given. I will be forever grateful for the help.”

– Grant S, Alumni

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