Join a Community of Like-Minded People

man hangs on to chain-link fence thinking about men's sober living homes

No matter which of the men’s sober living homes we have in Huntington Beach, California you choose, you’ll be a part of a community support system that has been instrumental in the recovery of hundreds of people. We are a fellowship, bound together by our focus on the recovery of every individual in the program. We are made strong by the collective contributions of individuals who remain committed to a substance-free life.

Join us at The District Recovery Community for men’s sober living in Orange County, where your recovery journey continues to make a difference in your life – and in the lives of others.

Distraction-Free Men’s Sober Living Homes

Just blocks from the beach, our private, Orange County men’s sober living homes boast expansive floor plans, state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms and oceanfront views.

Each one of our homes is well-appointed, providing a safe space for you to recover without pressure or stress. Pool tables, big-screen TVs and private outdoor spaces provide a balance of stability and recreation.

Supportive Structure

A Safe Haven for Your Recovery

We know how you feel in early recovery–we’ve been there. That’s why the most important thing to you is a safe, supportive environment. Your home at The District Recovery Community is a haven; no pressure, no judgment, free from temptation and surrounded by people who care about you.

men's sober living homes living room with tvGender-Specific Sober Living Homes

We offer gender-specific sober living homes. Each home is luxuriously appointed with stylish decor and modern amenities. There are in-home activities in both environments as well as extracurricular activities outside the home as part of our Adventure Therapy program.

Each men’s sober living home is in a safe neighborhood that offers access to a variety of services but provides a distraction-free setting to help foster sobriety. Transportation is provided to and from each activity and to group therapy sessions.

Meet the Mentors

With up to 6 individuals in each home, you will always have access to a strong support system. Along with your co-residents, each home hosts a full-time, in-house Mentor. Having gone through recovery themselves, your house mentor makes sure that each guest receives proper attention and care during their stay.

House Mentors provide guest transportation to and from the various activities built around your recovery program.

Contact The District for availability of men’s sober living homes in Orange County. Call 844.287.8506 today to begin your amazing sober life.