Attending a sober living home can be a vital step in the recovery process for some. If you or your loved one are newly sober and looking to ensure you stay on the right track — Orange County, California sober living may be exactly what you need. 

The District Recovery Community specializes in California sober living housing and alumni events to help present and past clients connect with those in similar situations and ensure that they always have someone to lean on and talk to if they are going through a tough time. 

Before learning more about The District’s sober living programs in Orange County, let’s take a moment to get a better understanding of what sober living entails. 


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What is Sober Living?

For people who may be new to this space, or just want a refresher, you may have been asking yourself ‘what is a sober living house?’ Essentially, sober living are group homes or facilities in which people in recovery live together — this can help with things like relapse prevention and aid in long-term sobriety for people who are beginning their recovery journey. 

Sober living homes are often in peaceful environments to make the situation easier for those in the early stages of recovery. Some of the common locations for sober living homes in California include Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, and Orange County.

Are Sober Living Homes Effective?

If you are looking into sober living communities, you may be wondering if these kinds of programs are even effective in helping ensure sobriety. Studies have shown that sober living homes are effective in helping clients commit more to long-term recovery. These studies found improvements in alcohol and drug use, arrests, psychiatric symptoms, employment, and more.

Sober Living Communities

Unlike at residential rehab, residents of sober living communities can come and go as they please.

What is a sober living community, then?

Most sober living homes are located in quiet residential neighborhoods. A house manager oversees daily operations with the assistance of senior residents. The house manager will ensure that all residents comply with community rules while actively pursuing their recovery. 

All residents must remain sober and are subject to regular drug tests.  Many residents attend outpatient treatment or peer-support meetings while based at the sober living community. 

While residents of a sober home enjoy more freedom of movement than inpatient rehab residents, expect a curfew and a ban on overnight guests. Sober living communities strive to provide an atmosphere as free of temptation and distraction as possible.

If you choose to stay at a sober living community while engaging with addiction treatment, you’ll learn to establish a routine by paying rent and bills, buying groceries, cooking, and doing laundry. You will need to perform some basic chores and you will be expected to keep communal spaces clean. Implementing healthy routines will promote independence, responsibility, and self-reliance.

You will sign a contract agreeing to abide by the rules of the sober living community before taking up residence.

Days in sober communities are structured to resemble a healthy residential environment. You will wake up early and then meet your personal and professional commitments while engaging with some form of recovery. 

Many sober living homes provide access to a variety of recreational activities and outdoor activities. The intention of these communities is to encourage residents to work together in a goal-oriented fashion, building a healthier lifestyle in line with recovery goals. 

The evenings in sober living homes tend to be unstructured, allowing for downtime, but with a curfew in place. 

Join An Orange County Sober Living Community

At The District, we have a number of sober living homes in Huntington Beach and the rest of the Orange County area. Not only will our clients live in a beautiful home with a tranquil environment, they will be surrounded by others who are also dedicated to their sobriety.

No matter which of the sober homes we have in Huntington Beach, California you choose, you’ll be a part of a community support system that has been instrumental in the recovery of hundreds of people. We are a fellowship, bound together by our focus on the recovery of every individual in the program. We are made strong by the collective contributions of individuals who remain committed to a substance-free life.

Oftentimes, people who leave an inpatient rehab or attend an intensive outpatient program (IOP) can deal with extreme cravings to use again shortly after leaving. Being in a supportive community environment where every person is dedicated to the singular goal of long-lasting sobriety can help hedge these urges and keep everyone on the straight and narrow even when faced with these cravings. 

Let’s take a closer look at what The District’s sober living Orange County community can offer.

Explore Sober Living in California

Our sober living houses in the Orange County area are gorgeous and offer residents a prime location for a number of activities and events.

For one, our locations are just blocks away from the beach, allowing clients to hit the sand and surf at all times of the day. Catching some sun rays is a great way to help the body and mind recalibrate, Vitamin D is a natural antidepressant and can help reduce negative feelings that some people may be experiencing in the early stages of their sobriety.

Along with the great location, our homes also offer a number of amenities that help make all of our clients’ stays at our homes as comfortable and relaxing as possible. 

Or sober living houses offer clients expansive floor plans, state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms, and oceanfront views. Along with these basics, there are a number of big-screen TVs, pool tables, private outdoor spaces, and more to help clients who want to be able to relax and have some time for recreation as well.

Along with the Huntington Beach area, our team at The District Recovery Community prides ourself in ensuring that everyone who needs help can get it. We offer help for clients all around the Orange County area and beyond. This includes everywhere from Los Angeles to Anaheim to San Francisco, we look to help everyone.

Sober Living: Anaheim

Whether you are in Buena Park, Fullerton, Garden Grove, or somewhere else, The District Recovery Community can help all those who are searching for a sober living home in Anaheim. At The District Recovery, we understand that addiction is a lifelong journey and you don’t just magically achieve lifetime sobriety by completing a stint at an inpatient or outpatient facility. Sobriety is something you have to dedicate yourself to and with the help of a strong backbone of support from an alumni community or sober living community, you can achieve long-term success.

Sober Living: Newport Beach

If you are looking to get help in the Newport Beach area, you’re in luck: our team at The District Recovery Community has sober living homes nearby that can help ensure that you are getting the proper aftercare you need to help you stick with your sobriety and avoid relapse. To learn more, contact our admissions team today to get a better idea of what we have available and what suits your situation the best.

Sober Living: Costa Mesa

Just north of Newport Beach lies the Costa Mesa region. Whether you are closer to Irvine or the Fountain Valley area, our team can help you find a local Costa Mesa sober living home to get your sobriety started off on the right foot. The first few months of your sobriety are generally the most tumultuous with relapse being a major threat. Because of this, it is vital to find a treatment program that not only helps you get sober but helps keep you sober. Our team at The District Recovery Community has a dedicated aftercare program with a great alumni community and sober living track that you can join.

Overall, The District Recovery Community services help people from all over the Orange County area and also take clients from out-of-state and even internationally. Our team works with local outpatient and inpatient treatment centers to ensure that whoever needs help gets everything they need. If you or a loved one is suffering from some sort of addiction problem or are struggling with the constant threat of relapse, give our team a call today to learn more.

Alumni & Community at Sober Living in Huntington Beach

Along with the amazing sober living homes that you can choose from, one of the most important aspects of living in these homes is the connections you will gain in the community. By joining our sober homes, you are a part of The District Recovery Community’s family. And, like many families, we always make time to get together. 

Our alumni community hosts tons of awesome events all throughout the year to keep past and present clients engaged in the recovery process and ensure that they are remaining true to their commitments to sobriety. Having a community like this to fall back on is vital for those in the recovery community. If you or a loved one is ever feeling alone, experiencing strong urges to use again, or are struggling with negative thoughts in general, having someone in the recovery community that they can reach out to can be the difference between relapse and recovery. 

We help to keep this community together by offering events and get-togethers all throughout the year. During the summertime, we might put on some fun beach parties, BBQs, and pool events while we might do something a bit more active like paintball or a beach clean-up when it starts getting colder. 

Regardless, we work to ensure that each client, both past and present, is always cared for and looked after even long after leaving our doors. 

We work to ensure that we are just as committed to our client’s recovery as they are to their own sobriety. 


sober living homes

Sober Living Near Me: A Safe Haven for Recovery

One of the primary reasons that people will choose a sober living home is due to the safety that they can feel by staying in them, even if it is just during the early months of recovery. Oftentimes, when people leave an inpatient facility or are going to an IOP program but going to their own homes at night, they may be surrounded by negative influences to use again.

This can come in many different forms including other substance users, empty alcohol bottles left by roommates, or even just being in a familiar location. By living in a structured environment, like one of our sober living homes in Southern California, you can work to bypass these issues during your first few months of recovery. This will help you establish a strong baseline and a supportive community to lean on when in doubt.

Why Go to Sober Living in Orange County?

If you are looking into treatment options and considering sober living or outpatient treatment in Orange County, you may still be on the fence. It is important to take some time to learn about the benefits of getting treatment in Orange County. One of the biggest pros of Orange County sober living and addiction treatment, in general, is the fact that there is a robust recovery community in the area. Being able to meet others who are dealing with the same issues, some for years, as you, can provide you with additional knowledge and support that may prove to be life-changing in some cases.

Along with the amazing community and treatment programming that you can receive in Orange County, the location itself offers clients a serene and beautiful area to go through the uncomfortable early stages of addiction recovery. At our sober homes specifically, clients will have access to a pool, spacious room, game rooms, and more, plus it is only minutes from the beach.

Who Stays at Our Orange County Facilities?

With up to 6 individuals in each home, you will always have access to a strong support system, not only from the fellow residents but the hosts as well.

Hosts also referred to as the in-house mentor, have gone through recovery themselves, which makes talking and discussing sobriety with them that much easier. Your house mentor makes sure that each guest receives proper attention and care during their stay.

Hosts and residents will often meet to discuss how they’re doing, ensure that there aren’t any issues, and bring up any concerns or questions they have about sobriety and overcoming addiction. Because hosts are often individuals who have been in recovery for some time, they will be able to provide guests and residents with proper insight based on their own personal experiences and time in recovery. 

Along with the mentorship and guidance that they can offer, hosts will also provide guest transportation to and from the various activities built around your recovery program — helping each client stay locked into their treatment. 

California Sober Living with The District

If you would like to learn more about how The District’s sober living houses in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and the surrounding Orange County area can help you or your loved one, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. Our admissions team is available day and night to hear your story and provide you with the help you or your loved one needs. Whether you are struggling with alcoholism, Adderall addiction, opioid abuse, or something else, you can rest assured knowing that The District Recovery Community has your back.

Contact The District Recovery Center for the availability of men’s and women’s sober living homes in Orange County. Call 844.287.8506 today to begin your amazing sober life.



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