Men and women suffering from drug addiction require gender-specific drug addiction treatment to achieve lasting sobriety. Men’s and women’s addiction treatment programs in Orange County, CA provide individuals with dual diagnosis addiction treatment for the physical symptoms of drug addiction and the co-occurring mental health disorders fueling drug addiction. The therapy programs we provide at The District include an adventure-based therapy program which aims to improve mental health through a range of experiential and adventure-based activities.

What is an Adventure-Based Program?

two men ready to paintball for experiential and adventure-based program at The DistrictMany sober living programs emphasize traditional routine therapy programs that can often be slow and repetitive. At The District, we believe that experiential and adventure-based programs cultivate team-building and life skills, all while keeping our clients active and energized. By combining experiential education with addiction therapy techniques, the adventure-based program at The District Recovery Community takes evidence-based approaches to a new level.

Men’s and women’s sober living homes in Orange County, CA help men and women develop positive routines after rehab to ensure lasting drug addiction recovery. We take a holistic approach to recovery and emphasize physical and nutritional wellbeing. Being clean from substances is no small feat. We help our clients understand that taking care of your body and mind by establishing new routines and social activities is essential to their reintegration back into society–sober.

Sober Living Programs

Men’s and women’s sober living programs in Orange County, CA provide individuals with the tools and support necessary to overcome co-occurring mental health disorders and substance abuse. As part of the sober living program in Orange County, CA a range of therapeutic approaches include:

Our Seasonal Surf Program

Located just a few minutes from the beach, our Surf Program is something our clients love! Getting out into the ocean, learning how to surf, practicing balance, and setting ourselves up to accomplish goals all while incorporating recovery into the process is something the clients extract tremendous amounts of value out of. We conduct our Surf Program every Saturday in Huntington Beach, home of the US Open for Surfing.

Enjoy the open beach life while gaining positive effects of the adventure-based program. The Surf Program promotes exploration, problem-solving, relationship bonds, and more. Through effort and perseverance, clients find the California beach and water refreshing to their mind and body.

TDRC Softball Team

man ready to bat for Softball Team at the District's adventure-based programOur Softball Team is more than just an outlet to play a sport. It’s about being a part of a team, community, and support system. This program promotes peer to peer-based accountability and working together in sync to compete against other teams. Softball adventure-based program focuses on social interactions and problem solving as a group. Recovery affects more than the individual, it affects the community. Using a community of peers, we support each other to new levels of strength in sobriety.

Our TDRC Leadership manages our softball team, and everyone is welcome to play! From alumni that came through our program 3-5 years ago to the newest guest in our community, the TDRC softball team is comprised of TDRC members, current and past!

Adventure-Based Programs in Orange County

Adventure-based programs in Orange County embrace the outdoors and offer a variety of fun physical activities. Experienced staff guide your journey to problem solve and communicate with your peers in a safe outdoor setting. Each adventure-based program strengthens your mind and body with evidence-based therapy and physical activity. Programs rebuild the trust that is often lost due to the strain of addiction and personal loss with friends and family.

In addition to our Surf Program and Softball Team, adventure-based programs include:

  • Paintball
  • Outdoor ropes course
  • Fishing and Boating

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